Clubs, brands and other sports stakeholders throughout the world, such as athletes and media, can now apply for a coveted .sport domain from GAISF.

The .sport initiative, which is managed by GAISF, has created an unrivaled opportunity for organisations operating across sport to secure a unique domain name. This digital platform is a chance for stakeholders to stand out in an increasingly crowded and complex online field.

Since launching the initiative in September 2018, GAISF’s mission has been to create a recognised digital symbol devoted to sport, which makes organisations highly visible, provides a clear indication of authenticity, and infers complete trust to its users.

There has been an incredible response to the launch with over 8,000 domains already granted, from International Federations, organising committees and other stakeholders, since GAISF launched the initiative in September 2018.

General availability now means that the .sport initiative is open to all applicants that play an active role in sport. GAISF retains the full control of application acceptance, based on stringent criteria set out to ensure that each stakeholder is a legitimate and credible candidate for their chosen domain.

Key benefits of adopting a .sport URL include:

  • Acceptance and Trust – .sport underscores membership of the global sports eco-system.
  • Authenticity – Resulting from fair scrutiny of applicants
  • Visibility – value of .sport on search engines.

Individually-registered domain names are available for all leading stakeholders within sport, including federations, clubs, athletes, media, brands, cities and service providers. Interested parties can find out more information about .sport, GAISF’S licensed re-sellers, and take advantage of the general availability period by applying for a .sport extension on

For more information on the .sport extension programme, please contact Pierre Germeau at