There is a new home for all your towed water sports news, results and event information! The IWWF has now officially migrated to http://iwwf.sport, launching a website that stands the federation out as a leader, not only within the towed water sports world but also throughout the international sports movement. The digital move comes after the IWWF successfully applied for a .sport domain, managed and powered by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

The IWWF is a great example of an organisation that is working hard for the good of sport around the world, and .sport is another tool that International Federations can utilise to make them even more recognisable” GAISF Head of Digital Pierre Germeau said.

.sport is a clear endorsement for IFs and reputable sports stakeholders and provides a great platform for the digital growth of the IWWF.

A complete website redesign will also be carried out in the near future to match the IWWF’s new domain. Users who log onto the old site, iwwfed.com, or iwwfed.sport, will be automatically redirected to the IWWF’s new digital home.

.sport domains are only granted to legitimate bodies that play a prominent role in sport. As the World Governing Body for Towed Water Sports recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the move to .sport is a clear recognition of the IWWF’s place within the international sports movement.

The IWWF will also add other web addresses for their various disciplines, including waterski.sport, wakeboard.sport, barefoot-waterski.sport, cablewakeboard.sport, cableski.sport, disabled-waterski.sport, skiracing.sport, showski.sport, wakesurf.sport and wakesports.sport.