GAISF welcomes International Bowling Federation to .SPORT

GAISF is delighted to welcome the International Bowling Federation (IBF) to .SPORT as part of the IBF’s new strategy to truly reflect the global following of the sport of bowling.

In the crowded and complex world of the internet, the IBF’s move to will strengthen the International Federation’s (IF) online digital footprint as the global leader of its sport and a recognised member of the international sports community.

Moreover, the .SPORT domain name will see the IBF enjoy a search ranking advantage and become more discoverable, leading to further growth of the international bowling community.

The IBF joins over 1000 organisations to have registered a domain since the launch of the .SPORT initiative in September 2018. This includes major events organisers, brands, broadcasters, media outlets and other IFs, including many of GAISF’s Members.

As part of the IBF’s new strategy to fulfil its mission and interact with all 114 Member Federations and approximately 2 million athletes, the IBF has also committed to supporting measures that safeguard the integrity of bowling and protect clean athletes in the fight against doping and the prevention of manipulation of competitions.

In addition, after signing up to the United Nations Sport for Climate Action Framework initiative, the IBF continues to lead by example, adopting innovative, sustainable technologies and approving the use of string machines for sports leagues and competitive tournaments globally.

GAISF President Raffaele Chiulli said:

I am delighted that the International Bowling Federation has chosen to move their new online home to A safe, trusted, recognised and protected domain that will ensure the IBF is positioned as the global leader of their sport. Many congratulations for IBF’s innovation and continued drive to adapt in an ever-changing sports landscape.

IBF CEO Andrew Oram said:

Thank you to our friends at GAISF, our new digital home on provides the IBF with an online platform that truly reflects the global following of bowling. This new digital offering will strengthen our mission to communicate effectively with dedicated bowling fans around the world and all IBF stakeholders.