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“.SPORT domain symbolises the values we are proud to promote as a business”

There is a consensus that sport is a force for good – it inspires and motivates people to lead a happier and healthier life. Businesses that operate in the sports industry contribute to something meaningful and have a shared understanding of sporting values.

Until now, there hasn’t been a universal symbol for sport’s stakeholders to display with pride. Now, Sports Federations, clubs, commercial business, agencies and more can demonstrate their commitment to sport and its community.

An unmistakable symbol of quality, credibility and fair play

The traditional domains of .COM, .ORG and others have long suffered speculation. Individuals or companies purchase domain names with the sole purpose of re-selling them for profit. The core sporting value of fair play doesn’t apply in the world of internet domains, but it does with .SPORT.

Through a secure verification process, .SPORT domains are granted only to those acting with legitimate interests in the sports industry. It guarantees preferred domain names will be made available to the verified applicant and will remain free from abuse.

Created by and entrusted to the non-profit International Sports Federations, the .SPORT domain is an unmistakable symbol of quality, credibility and fair play that is carefully managed to uphold the integrity of its owners.

It’s not just Sports Federations that can benefit

All sports industry stakeholders can apply for a .SPORT domain. The domain registry recognises sport is made up of many stakeholders that all play an important role in maintaining industry health. Through a shared domain community, the actions of stakeholders made more secure and will work harder to protect and promote sport.

Jonny Murch, CEO of Redtorch, an agency that works closely with International Sports Federations, says, “We’re always looking for ways to demonstrate our commitment to sport. At Redtorch, we’re equally as motivated by the positive impact sport has in the world as we are by achieving business success. The .SPORT domain symbolises the values we are proud to promote as a business. Now we can show it.”

In today’s increasingly purpose-driven marketplace, sports businesses that are looking for new, meaningful ways to differentiate themselves may find the .SPORT domain is an accessible, affordable and powerful way to do so.


If you want to learn how to join the .SPORT community and see if for your first-choice domain name is available, contact the team today.